March 6, 2012

Public Meeting Item 1


BOROUGH OF Manhattan

127674- Block 180, lot 29-

7 Harrison Street – TriBeCa West Historic District

A Renaissance Revival style store and loft building designed by William Schickel and built in 1893-94. Application is to install new storefront infill, add a canopy, alter the facades, and construct a rooftop addition.

Much of the work proposed for 7 Harrison Street is rather handsome, and HDC just asks that more of a bulkhead be incorporated in the new storefront infill, particularly at the new openings,  in order to provide a more solid base to this substantial building.


LPC determination:  approved









Public Meeting Item 8


BOROUGH OF Manhattan

127336- Block 824, lot 15-

50 West 23rd Street aka 43 West 22nd Street – Ladies’ Mile Historic District

An Art Deco style industrial building designed by Russell Cory and built in 1925-26 and reinforced concrete industrial addition built in 1954-56 designed by Walter Monroe Cory. Application is to re-clad the base of the building and install new storefront infill and canopies.

HDC has two main objections to this application.  On the 22nd Street façade, the proposed canopy seems unnecessary as it is placed too high above the entrance to be practical.  More strongly though, we oppose the recladding of the base on 23rd Street.  Besides the fact that the  black base with angular scoring would have no relation with the rest of the building, large expanses of GFRC at the base of any building in an historic district would be inappropriate. The existing design with its simple, almost classic banding, while being a more recent and less than successful alteration, still relates better to the upper floors of the structure and other buildings in the Ladies’ Mile.  It should be retained if an actual restoration will not take place.

LPC determination:  no action





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