Neighborhood Partners Program 

Starting in November 2007, HDC launched its newest initiative, the Neighborhood Partners Program. The program’s goal is to create broad, citywide connections between community groups in order to form a unified preservation voice. Making each organization understand that the issues that directly affect them are in fact relevant to a citywide audience is pivotal to the creation of a cohesive alliance of supporters and activists. This process will also help community groups learn from strategies and tactics that have proved successful elsewhere in the city before undertaking new initiatives in their own areas. With its constituency of more than 500 community-based organizations, HDC is the ideal candidate to bring together the diverse voices interested in neighborhood-driven preservation.


Some of the additional benefits to the Neighborhood Partner program include:

  • Strategic Advice about local landmark designation, rezoning initiatives, community organizing, preservation-related tax credit programs, partnerships with elected officials, and smart growth ideas
  • Special Workshops and Community Meetings with experts and decision-makers about preservation and development issues
  • Publications and resources like “Creating an Historic District,” HDC’s signature publication; “Frequently Asked Questions About the Landmarks Process,” an easy to understand guide to local preservation; and “Community as Classroom,” a practical manual for teachers.
  • Planning Sessions for preservation initiatives like National Register of Historic Places nominations and cultural resource surveys
  • Opportunity to broaden bases of support by allying with other Partner organizations
  • Increased Visibility on HDC’s website and blog with information and links to partner organizations