Manhattan: The Riverside-West End Extension I

The Riverside-West End Extension I

The Riverside-West End Historic District was designated in 1989 and spans from roughly West 85th to West 95th Streets and Broadway to Riverside Drive. The district is comprised of harmonious groups of Renaissance and Georgian Revival rowhouses, pre- and post-WWI luxury apartment buildings designed in the Gothic, Renaissance, and Romanesque Revival styles, and a few post-Depression buildings with Art Deco and Art Moderne details. The Riverside-West End Historic District Extension I shares not only the same history as the landmarked district, but also many of the same architects and designs. As HDC said in our 2011 statement: “When walking through the Upper West Side, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is landmarked and what is not. The buildings within the proposed district share not only the same history as nearby landmarked buildings but also many of the same architects and designs.” We are thrilled that the LPC has acted on this proposal and look forward to future designations in the area, which will protect and celebrate the rich architecture of this neighborhood.

Title: The Riverside-West End Extension I

Borough: Manhattan

Historic District: The Riverside-West End Extension I

Keywords: Residential, pre- and post-WWI luxury apartment, Renaissance and Georgian Revival rowhouses,

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