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Joint Letter Requesting the Withdrawal of the Proposed LPC Rules Changes

UPDATE- LPC will be scheduling another public hearing to discuss the revisions to the proposed rules amendments UPDATE The LPC held a new public hearing on October 16, 2018 where testimony was heard. No public meeting has been scheduled yet. Read our testimony The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) will be taking a vote on Tuesday, July […]

Analysis of the Effects of Intro. 775 on Landmark Designation

As proposed, Intro. 775 mandates for the consideration of historic districts the Landmarks Preservation Commission has: • 12 months from a vote to calendar to hold a public hearing • 12 months from the public hearing to vote to designate or the district cannot be acted upon for five years. While the City Council’s own dataset […]

Manhattan Borough President’s Office Proposed Backlog Action Plan for the LPC

April 2, 2015 PROPOSED BACKLOG ACTION PLAN FOR THE LANDMARKS PRESERVATION COMMISSION (LPC) Over the last year, my office has met with a number of stakeholders: New York Landmarks Conservancy, Historic Districts Council, Municipal Art Society, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, Friends of the Upper East Side, Landmark West!, and the Real Estate Board […]

Deserving but not Designated: Brooklyn

Deserved but not Designated are neighborhoods in New York City which have submitted comprehensive Requests For Evaluation (RFEs) and/or have had public hearings at the Landmarks Preservation Commission, yet remain unprotected by landmark designation. These landmark-worthy places possess the same qualities as landmark districts, such as architectural integrity, historic significance and distinct neighborhood character. HDC’s […]


(Why landmarks and historic districts are good for NYC!)   FICTION:Too much of the city is off limits to development and construction. FACT:Only 3.6% of NYC is protected by landmark designation. This means that 96.4% of the city is unrestricted by any landmarks regulation. FACT: The Landmarks Preservation Commission and its staff spend the vast majority […]

Park Avenue Designated a Historic District

‘Upper Park Avenue Designated a Historic District’ DNAinfo By Lindsay Armstrong The Landmarks Preservation Commission designated a 12-block stretch of the Upper East Side as the Park Avenue Historic District Tuesday after a push from local preservationists to protect the area. The 64-building area — bounded by East 79th Street to the south and East 91st Street to the north — […]

A New Chair for the Landmarks Preservation Commission

It is the Historic Districts Council’s firm belief, backed up by decades of observation, that the New York City Landmarks Law and the Commission empowered by it have enhanced and improved New York City.  Landmark designation stabilizes neighborhoods, enhances property values, empowers communities and attracts private investment into the city. More importantly, landmarks and historic […]

Why the proposal to demolish the two buildings in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District is a terrible idea and must be denied

  Update: On April 1st the committee made no action on the proposal, they were in agreement that the demolition of these two buildings was not warrented. To read HDCs full testimony click here . On April 1st, the owner of 51 & 53 West 19th Street in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District will request the […]

Pat Courtney: Volunteers for Isham Park

  Voices from the Neighborhood     Telephone Interview on experiences with the Six to Celebrate Program With Susan Hopper, HDC Board Member Date: 9-13-13 Name(s): Pat Courtney 212-569-0062 Neighborhood/Group/Year of participation:  Inwood, Isham Park 2011         ——————————————————————————————————- Why did your neighborhood apply to HDC’s Six to Celebrate? We applied because even […]

Why the proposal to demolish the two buildings in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District is a terrible idea and must be denied

  On April 1st, the owner of 51 & 53 West 19th Street in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District will request the Landmarks Preservation Commission for permission to demolish two buildings and to construct a 14-story building in their place.  Unfortunately, this is not an April’s Fool joke. 51 and 53 West 19th Street are […]

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