Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn , NY

In 1832-36, the Brooklyn and Jamaica Railroad was built to connect District Street (Atlantic Avenue) to Long Island, with its terminal at the present intersection of Flatbush Avenue. Thus, in the span of just a few years, District Street became the conduit for business transactions and the transport of goods between Long Island and Manhattan. The earliest development began in the 1840s to take advantage of the commercial waterfront. Beginning in the 1940s and completed in 1964, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) significantly altered the character of western Atlantic Avenue, resulting in the demolition of all structures from the waterfront to the mid-point between Columbia and Hicks Streets. The neighborhood continues to be a major business district with its roughly 300 businesses along Atlantic Avenue.

The western end of the Avenue is protected by the Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill Historic Districts, designated in 1965 and 1969, respectively.

Atlantic Avenue was a Six to Celebrate neighborhood in 2014.

Read more about the history of Atlantic Avenue on our Six to Celebrate page.

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