Digital Image Library:Brooklyn: Park Place

Park Place Park Place is comprised of 13 modest Romanesque style rowhouses constructed circa 1894 with richly ornamented façades and Queen Anne style details. The houses are made of brick, sandstone and terra cotta and were designed as a group with alternating façade layouts and flat, round- and triangle-gabled roofs, and is outstanding for its […]

Art Deco/ WPA design in Isham and Inwood Hill Parks

A slide lecture ending in a walking tour with Pat Courtney.  Take a look at the Art Deco/WPA era design and structures in both parks.  Learn of the designers discovered during the process of the study for potential historic districts in Inwood which was selected in 2011 as one of the inaugural “Six to Celebrate” […]

Isham Park Centennial Events

Calendar of Isham Park Centennial lectures/walking tours for June 2012 Art Stroll: Saturday June 2nd: 10:00am, meet at Dyckman Farmhouse Museum at the corner of Broadway at 204th Street Preservation and losses: Historic Inwood residences along Broadway Susan de Vries, Director of DFM will discuss its preservation history; then Pat Courtney, from Volunteers for Isham […]

St. John's Church and New Construction in Historic Districts Today A lecture by Stephen F. Byrns

Title: St. John’s Church and New Construction in Historic Districts Today A lecture by Stephen F. Byrns Location: Neighborhood Preservation Center 232 East 11th Street Description: St. John’s Getty Square was originally a 1751 Georgian manorial church in downtown Yonkers. In 1871, it became one of the first examples of historic preservation in America, with […]

Historic Preservation Saved New York!

On Sunday, April 22, 2012, the New York Daily news published an opinion piece by Edward Glaeser, a professor of Economics at Harvard, arguing that historic districts are damaging to the economic, social, and environmental health of the city because they limit new construction. HDC board member Jeffrey A. Kroessler offers this reply. In the […]

A Brief Report From A Rather Long Hearing

It should come as no surprise that Wednesday’s Joint Meeting of the City Council Committees on Buildings and Land Use  lasted as long as it did, starting around 10:15am with the last speaker finishing sometime after 2:15pm.  Fully half of the City Council and the Public Advocate were in attendance during the hearing although unfortunately, […]

What the City Council Proposals Really Mean

The City Council held a public hearing on Wednesday, May 2 at 10am at 250 Broadway to contemplate 11 bills which, if passed, will greatly change the workings of the Landmarks Preservation Commission in some very damaging ways. The first batch of bills are ones which were previously proposed and have been sitting in committee […]