Preservation School – Fall 2019

The Historic Districts Council is pleased to present a series of classes that will illuminate the essentials of preservation and highlight topics surrounding both the history and the future of our built environment. Whether you’re new to preservation or a longtime campaigner, everyone can benefit from our series of Preservation School classes. Preservation School will teach you how to observe, understand, and advocate for New York City’s historic neighborhoods.

These four 60-minute sessions, held on Wednesdays in October, will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 East 11th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues).

$50 for all four


October 16:                                SUPERTALLS: So What?

This course will help students better understand this new typology that is dominating our neighborhoods and the future of the NYC skyline. By discussing history, policy, development, and advocacy, this class aims to provide the “short scoop on tall buildings”.

 (Instructor: Sean Khorsandi)



October 23:                                Photographing for Preservation

Preservation is first and foremost a visual field. This course will cover architectural photography, providing tips and tricks to improve your photos of buildings and streetscapes to maximize their impact. Expensive equipment doesn’t make a great photo; you’ll learn how to effectively make use of light, timing, and position, to improve your photos.

(Instructor: Lynn Massimo)


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