Six To Celebrate: Bay Ridge Tour

Saturday, October 20

10:00 am

This tour is SOLD OUT – Thank You!


Bay Ridge’s richly varied architecture, made up of vibrant commercial districts, uniform rowhouse blocks, historic wood frame farmhouses, Victorian mansions, magnificent places of worship, pre-war apartment buildings and quaint cul-de-sacs, tells its fascinating story.  To ensure that Bay Ridge retains this rich “sense of place” for the well-being and enjoyment of future generations, local advocates and preservationists are working to nominate some of the neighborhood’s architectural and cultural gems on the State and National Registers of Historic Places and formulate proposals for landmark designations.  Join us on Saturday, October 20, as Victoria Hofmo, founder of the Bay Ridge Conservancy, leads a tour focusing on some of the neighborhood’s most pressing preservation priorities, including stops at Christ Church, Public School 102, “Doctor’s Row,” and the brownstone block on Senator Street.  The tour will conclude with an informal reception at the Telecommunications High School to continue the discussion about recent preservation efforts.

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