Manhattan Landmarks-African Burial Ground and the Commons

African Burial Ground and the Commons

This archaeological district encompasses City Hall Park (formerly known as the Commons) and the area to the north (the African Burial Ground). Although it may have been in use earlier, the first written reference to the Burial Ground is from 1712, and it was first included on a map in 1735. Into the 1790s an estimated 20,000 free and enslaved Africans were buried here. The Commons served as New York’s village green and was the site of protests, civic celebrations, executions and other community events and assemblies. A number of structures stood here in the 18th-century including a tavern, an almshouse and a prison before the present City Hall built between 1803 and 1811. Designated February 25, 1991.


Title: City Hall Park 2

Borough: Manhattan

Historic District: African Burial Ground and the Commons

Keywords: City Hall, Municipal Building, City Hall Park

Description: View of City Hall Park with City Hall and the Municipal Building

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