Manhattan Landmarks-Riverside Drive West 80th- 81st Street

Riverside Drive West 80th- 81st Street

Thirty-two row and town houses designed mainly by Charles H. Israel and Clarence F. True between 1892 and 1899 are found in this district. The buildings exhibit a very free, eclectic take on revival styles with such details as bowfronts, oriels, parapets, leaded glass windows, terra-cotta, tile and wrought iron. Three turn-of-the-century tenement buildings, in the Beaux-Arts and Romanesque Revival styles, and one neo-Classical apartment building from the 1920s are also in the district. Designated March 26, 1985.

Title: 307-317 West 80th Street 3

Borough: Manhattan

Historic District: Riverside Drive West 80th- 81st Street

Keywords: residential, row house, roof, window, oriel window, brick

Description: Row houses on the north side of West 80th Street

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