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Addisleigh Park

The Addisleigh Park historic district is a suburban-type enclave in southeast Queens with a rich and distinctive history. The neighborhood of approximately 650 homes Addisleigh Park was largely developed in the 1930’s as part of the pre-World War II building boom that shaped large swaths of eastern Queens. Architecturally, the buildings are remarkably intact with few examples of inappropriate alterations or teardowns. Built when race-restricted covenants dictated the segregation of the city’s neighborhoods, Addisleigh Park eventually transformed from an exclusively white neighborhood into one of New York City’s premier African-American enclaves by the early 1950’s. The area would eventually become home to notables such as Count Basie, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Illinois Jacquet, Jackie Robinson, James Brown, Joe Louis, Milt Hinton, Roy Campanella, Percy Sutton, Cootie Williams and many others. Designated February 1,2011


179-07 Murdock Avenue, Ella FitzgeraldTitle: 179-07 Murdock Avenue, Ella Fitzgerald’s house

Borough: Queens

Historic District: Addisleigh Park

Keywords: Ella Fitzgerald, residential, shingles, ashlar

Description: 179-07 Murdock Avenue, Ella Fitzgerald’s house

Designated as part of the Addisleigh Park HDC February 1, 2011: Designation Report


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