92 Harrison Street, Staten Island

12-92 Harrison Street

 Address: 92 Harrison Street

Architect: unknown

Construction: ca. 1840

LPC Action: Calendared 1980
Thought to be the oldest on the street, this house was built for Susan M. Tompkins Smith, the daughter of Daniel D. Tompkins, the fourth governor of New York and the Vice President of the United States under James Monroe (1817-25). Ms. Smith grew up on Staten Island. Her brother Minthorne Tompkins and his partner William J. Staples, were instrumental in developing Stapleton. The stately, three-story clapboard house was designed in the Greek Revival style and is perched on an incline at the western end of the street. It features a graceful doorway, a porch with large columns, windows with louvered shutters and a gable roof with a semi-circular window.


HDC named Harrison Street as one of our Six to Celebrate neighborhoods in 2013. 92 Harrison Street is also part of the proposed Harrison Street Historic District which is currently calendared and had a public hearing in 2013.