Neighborhood Partners

Working through our Neighborhood Partners program, HDC engages in community building and development, offers educational programs and delivers technical resources, strategic assistance and direct advocacy support to aid local groups in their individual preservation campaigns.

HDC also provides a citywide context and understanding for local concerns, which is pivotal to the creation of a cohesive and engaged alliance of supporters and activists. This process also helps community groups learn from strategies and tactics that have proved successful elsewhere in the city that can be replicated in their own areas.


In 2011,  HDC celebrated its 40th birthday. As part of that celebration the Six to Celebrate program was created. Each year HDC chooses 6 neighborhoods from all over NYC and works closely with the local community groups to help them reach their preservation goals. You can read more about this innovative program on our Six to Celebrate page.


To read the stories of how HDC assists our neighborhood partners you can view our Voices from the Neighborhoods page where we have a series of interviews with local neighborhood group leaders.

To read stories  from the Six to Celebrate group leaders about how the Six to Celebrate program has benefited their neighborhoods click here.



To view a list of our neighborhood partners in your neighborhood click on a borough, or for a full list click here.