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The Frick Collection Rethinks Its Expansion Plan

Birds eye view

Last night, it was announced that the controversial plan to expand the landmark Frick Collection has been withdrawn by its Board of Trustees.  The Historic Districts Council vigorously opposed this plan, believing it to be a myopic solution which would compromise the museum’s unique character. We are very pleased that the leadership of the Frick Collection has chosen to rethink this move and we look forward to seeing a new proposal.
We would further like to thank the institution, which has been forthcoming with presentations and participated in a lively, well-mannered public discussion.
While this issue might seem extraordinarily local, it has important lessons for all New Yorkers who care about their neighborhoods. On the one hand, there was an institution which was open about its plans and welcomed community comment before seeking governmental approvals, which is a rare and welcome circumstance. On the other, there was a well-organized coalition of neighbors and concerned citizens who calmly and diligently gathered public and critical support while seeking viable alternative solutions that could solve the identified institutional concerns. 
HDC is proud to be part of this effort and we look forward to continuing the important conversation about how the Frick Collection can continue to prosper.  We further hope that other New York City institutions follow their lead and engage New Yorkers in a real public conversation when making plans for their future. 

Image courtesy of NYC&G