Ask Governor Cuomo to prevent zoning immunity for MTA

An opportunity to repeal a provision that would allow the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to develop their properties without any local zoning or public review is nigh. Please call 518-474-8390 or click to tell the Governor to sign Senate Bill 8037 and Assembly Bill 10421.

NYC has enough controversial development issues with our prescribed zoning. Allowing the MTA to develop city-owned property which would be immune to local zoning ordinances is wrong and antithetical to how growth in New York is supposed to work. As it currently stands, this provision would eliminate the public process from important land use issues, and these properties could also be exempt from taxes. As NYC has seen with Economic Development Corporation (EDC) owned properties–like the South Street Seaport and its private lessees–public input is paramount in shaping a city for all New Yorkers, especially when the properties owned are by city agencies funded with public tax dollars.

What’s worse, the public was not able to comment on this proposal as it was slipped in at the last minute without public vetting. Please click or call now to ensure this ill-conceived provision is eliminated from the legislation so that the MTA has to play by the same rules as every other property owner in New York City.

Bottom line: bad public policy is especially apparent when the public is eliminated from important decision-making, contact Cuomo today.