Landmarks Commission to remove 96 sites from consideration

The Landmarks Preservation Commission is proposing to remove 96 sites and properties from consideration for landmark designation at a public meeting on Tuesday, December 9th.  Most of these sites have been under consideration for several years. LPC has stated to us that their reasoning for removing these properties from consideration is political in nature – that the agency feels it does not have the political backing to advance landmark designation for these sites at this time.  LPC has said that these removals will be “without prejudice”, i.e. it is not that these sites are not worthy of LPC designation and protection, it’s that the agency feels it is too weak to act.

Maps with each propertie can be found here

This proposed wholesale rejection of  prior LPC determinations is bad public policy and  damaging to the integrity and independence of the Landmarks Law.  HDC will be organizing a broad community response to this proposal.

For the full list of properties being de-calendared click here 

Several articles have come out recently about the proposed de-calendaring – The New York Times, DNAinfo, Gothamist, The New York Post, CBS News

More details to come.