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Broadening Our Coalition: Testimonials from the Trades

Some assume that all unions oppose historic preservation. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Historic preservation creates high-paying jobs that can’t be outsourced. That’s just one of the many reasons that the Bricklayers Union chose to endorse our efforts in January of 2016.

And it’s only the beginning. Weve spent the years reaching out to actual practitioners who work on historic buildings in order to broaden the preservation coalition.

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“Plasterers’ Local 262 resolutely opposes any attempt to override New York City’s established “landmark” protection and the “historic districts” that have been evidently successful in the preservation of our rich architecture of New York City.” – Operative Plasterers’ & Cement Masons’ International Association Local 262

“Contrary to popular belief, the designation of ‘landmark’ buildings and ‘historic districts’ lead to extensive employment opportunities for construction workers in New York City”Bricklayer & Allied Craftworkers Local Union No. 1  

“We find landmark requirements do not detract from jobs in New York, in fact they generate jobs and help make sure projects are historically accurate.”Boston Valley Terra Cotta

“New York Landmarks Commission is instrumental in creating and generating work for many construction trades and the training of artisans in the crafts” – Clagnan Stained Glass Studio

“The Landmarks Law must be upheld. Without it, real, highly skilled New York construction jobs would be in jeopardy.” –  Evergreen Architectural Arts

“We employ a workforce of 150 fulltime employees….many of the buildings we have maintained are designated landmarks” –  West New York  Restoration of CT

“Thousands of artisans continue to restore and make our city forever beautiful. These jobs are made possible and supported by a strong landmarks law and strong landmarks preservation.” – Sepp Leaf Products

“New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission… is vital (not only) for the beauty and welfare of our city but also for the health of my own business” – Aurora Lampworks

“We are a Union Contracting firm employing over 150 Tradespeople in the field and 20 office personnel. For anyone or any organization to imply that the preservation of historic buildings detracts from jobs in New York couldn’t be further than the truth.” – Nicholson & Galloway

“Both buyers and renters are drawn to historical and charming neighborhoods that are not just a mass of cookie cutter buildings” –  Welcome Home Real Estate

“Thanks greatly to the passing of the Landmarks Law, we have had successful growth and are continually hiring and training individuals in our craft, providing them with skills and career opportunities.” – Essex Works