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In December, we asked you to tell us what New York City buildings you feel need saving. Or just need a little love. You made the list. We’ve checked it twice.

The response was astounding. Over 100 passionate New Yorkers joined in from all five boroughs, telling us what their favorite threatened buildings are, and why these sites need protection. The list includes structures reflecting a vast array of architectural styles from every period in New York City’s history. Some are familiar; others are obscure gems.

The list includes endangered NYC landmarks, as well as buildings that are or should be eligible for landmark designation. The Sugar Cube House in the Seagate area of Brooklyn is a neighborhood favorite. The Caro Building is in Marble Hill, a Bronx neighborhood facing increased development pressure. The South Street Historic District and the Merchant’s House Museum are two examples of sites that, although designated landmarks, are still under threat.

Throughout the year, HDC will offer highlights from the list and New Yorkers’ thoughts on why these buildings mean so much to them. We will be sharing information about their history and architecture; and tell you about the people who designed, built, live and work in these buildings. And, of course, we’ll include some beautiful images!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign. Your heartfelt contributions show how much you care about your neighborhoods. Together, we will work to ensure their protection and enhancement.