New York City Designation Process-Calendaring

Step 2:


Once the staff, the Chair, and perhaps a Committee of Commissioners have agreed that the district has potential for designation and that they want to go forward with its designation, the district will be “calendared.” Calendaring is the first step in the public process of the LPC. Calendaring is the action that establishes that the item is to be scheduled for a Public Hearing— it means that the potential district is officially placed on the calendar of items to be considered by the LPC and that public notice of the future discussion is made to that effect.


The LPC establishes proposed boundaries for a district when it is calendared. These boundaries can be reduced between the time a district has been calendared and when it is officially designated, but the boundaries cannot be enlarged. Once a district is calendared, the Department of Buildings will consult with the LPC before issuing any permit, even though the district is not officially designated.

Time Line:

There is no deadline for the LPC to move forward on designating a district after it has been calendared. The LPC will begin to do thorough research on the neighborhood and the buildings and will notify building owners within the proposed historic district about the calendaring. As both of these undertakings can be extremely time consuming, there is sometimes a lengthy period of time before calendaring and the next step, the public hearing. It is extremely important during this time to continue to get your message out to your neighbors and to garner support for the district. Keep the momentum going, as much more work is still to be done.