New York City Designation Process-Request for Evaluation

Step 1:

The first step in formally advocating for a New York City historic district is to fill out a Request for Evaluation form, which can be obtained by calling the LPC at 212-669-7817.
or by downloading it from their Web site. The RFE is a single-page form that asks for your contact information and the property or area to be considered. The LPC requests that the applicant include information about the district with the form. Supporting materials in the form of a written report and photographs are submitted with the RFE, and therefore it is extremely helpful to have a minimum level of building and neighborhood history research completed. See Building Research Section. Once an RFE has been submitted, a formal conversation with the LPC can begin.

After receiving the RFE, the LPC’s staff reviews the proposal and considers whether or not the proposed district meets the LPC criteria for designation. The staff then recommends whether it be brought to the LPC Commissioners or a Committee of Commissioners for their review.

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