New York City Designation Process-Review

Step 5.

Review by the City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission (CPC) has over-all responsibility for reviewing land use in the city, including zoning changes, housing plans and projects, and urban renewal. Among the City Planning Commission’s responsibilities under the New York City Charter is that of reviewing historic district designations and producing a report for the City Council commenting on the effect the designation will have on development. The role of the CPC is only advisory, and therefore a negative recommendation by the CPC does not necessarily mean the district will not be designated.

The public will again have the opportunity to voice their support or opposition to the district at the CPC’s public hearing. However, the CPC is not allowed to consider the “architectural, cultural, or historical” value of the district (the criteria used by the LPC), but can only comment on those areas of development and planning within CPC’s charter. Therefore speakers should construct their statements with the CPC’s role in mind. After the public hearing, the CPC will issue a recommendation report to the City Council.

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