Survivor's Stairs to Remain Intact

From the New York Times: August 6, 2007Stairs to Remain Intact in Ground Zero Plan By DAVID W. DUNLAP The Spitzer administration says it has taken steps to finally solve the quandary of the “survivors’ stairway” at ground zero. By that, it means every step — all 38 of them. Together. Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s chief […]

Where to put the Survivor's Stair – Of Course! Governors Island

From the Daily News Bay may harbor stairs from WTCBY GREG B. SMITHDAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Wednesday, August 1st 2007, 4:00 AM State officials are considering a highly unusual plan to solve the problem of the World Trade Center staircase that’s blocking Ground Zero reconstruction. Put it out to sea. The Lower Manhattan Development Corp. […]

Save the Survivor's Staircase

Take Action today to Save the Survivors’ Staircase! After months of hard work and consultation we have a window of opportunity to move forward with efforts to save the Survivors’ Staircase — the only remaining above-ground element of the World Trade Center AND move forward with the redevelopment plans for Lower Manhattan. New York Governor […]

More on the Survivor's Stairs Conversation

From the Tribeca Trib LMDC Says ‘Survivor Stairs’ Should Go By Carl GlassmanPOSTED FEB. 2, 2007 The “survivor” staircase may not survive. The 170-ton ruin near Vesey Street—all that is left of the World Trade Center above ground, and for many the path to safety on Sept. 11—would be mostly torn down as part of […]