Certificate of Appropriateness Testimony

[email protected] Testimony for April 26th 2022

Certificate of Appropriateness Testimony

113 St. James Place – Clinton Hill Historic District
An Italianate style rowhouse designed by Peter Donlon and built in 1865. Application is to construct a rear yard addition.
HDC finds this addition to the rear yard to be generally appropriate. That said, we believe that using brick for the exterior of the building would be more in keeping with its neighbors. We also find the proportion of fenestration to masonry to be a bit open, a somewhat larger proportion of masonry to glass would, we believe, make for a more elegant solution.
Action: Approved

19 Tompkins Place – Cobble Hill Historic District
A Greek Revival style rowhouse built in the 1840s. Application is to construct a rear yard addition.
HDC finds this addition to be appropriate but would ask the Commission to require brick as the exterior façade material. This will blend more favorably with its neighbors.
Action: Approved

362 East 25th Street – East 25th Street Historic District
A Renaissance Revival style rowhouse designed by Glucroft & Glucroft and built c. 1909- 1912. Application is to replace a door.
The pair of wood and glass doors shown in the tax photo and in evidence on other buildings of this block is the appropriate approach for replacing these doors. We would note that the strength of glass that is now standard in exterior doors should provide sufficient security for the owner of this handsome building. We would also note that an inner single wood opaque door with side lights could provide and added layer of security to the entry.
Action: No Action

210 East 62nd Street – Treadwell Farm Historic District
A rowhouse designed by F. S. Barns and built in 1870, and altered in the 20th century. Application is to legalize the construction of a rooftop addition, excavation, and alterations to the roof and rear facade in non-compliance with Certificate of Appropriateness 19-06723.
Architect: arctangent architecture + design pllc
HDC believes that this proposal flouts the Landmarks Law by asking for legalization of alterations that go directly against what was previously approved by the LPC and that approval threatens the integrity of the Treadwell Farms Historic District. After the initial application was approved, inappropriate changes were made, including out of scale additions and structural undermining that altered this property negatively and left it open to the elements for several years. In addition to going against what the Commision had approved we also believe this created a possible demolition by neglect scenario. HDC strongly urges the Commission not to approve the application for legalization. 
Action: Withdrawn

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