Forest Hills

Queens , NY

Forest Hills, one of the first Queens residential developments is a 600-acre parcel of farmland previously known as the Hopedale section of Whitepot. Purchased by the Cord Meyer Development Company in 1906, the parcel was renamed in honor of its proximity to Forest Park and its elevation above the surrounding area.

Roughly 142 acres of Forest Hills was sold by Cord Meyer to Mrs. Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, widow of Russell Sage, a very successful railroad magnate and financier. Through the Russell Sage Foundation, Mrs. Sage established Forest Hills Gardens in 1909, and the community was completed in 1912-13. This incredibly short period of construction can be attributed to the use of pre-fabricated concrete units, a revolutionary and influential technique at the time. Station Square forms the magnificent entrance into this planned suburb which was largely designed by architect Grosvenor Atterbury and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.

Forest Hills / Forest Close was named a Six to Celebrate neighborhood in 2014


Queens, NY

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Aug 17, 2007

Forest Hills' Rezoning Gains Community Board Approval

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Jul 26, 2007

Forest Hills Rowhouses Landmark Request Falls Short

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