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2023 Six to Celebrate Guidebooks

HDC seeks a consultant or consultants to create and manage the Six to Celebrate guidebook project for the class of 2023. 

Six to Celebrate is HDC’s yearly program of preservation priorities. As part of the program HDC supports six chosen recipients in their preservation goals throughout the year and beyond. Support includes help on an advocacy campaign, guidance on communicating their message, planning of walking tours and other programs promoting the community, and a reimbursable grant of up to $1,000 to support preservation-related activities. Each group also receives a walking tour guidebook (up to 500 printed copies) of significant sites in their community, as well as access to online content from the guide. 


The guidebooks are six illustrated brochures of approximately 16 pages each and 20 sites each that are used as promotional material for each of HDC’s Six to Celebrate recipients. For each year’s six recipients, HDC staff and a consultant work with the community partner to identify the sites of importance to include in the guide, research them, write descriptions, take photographs, and generally advise on the list of possible locations. 

Each site has a brief description of its significance, an image, and a key for understanding its designation. Each guidebook also includes a summary on the history and significance of the neighborhood or community, as well as a walking tour map of the sites.


Research/writing/community engagement: The chosen consultant(s) will work closely with HDC staff and each Six to Celebrate organization to identify the significant sites within each area. Six to Celebrate groups have extensive input into the guides but approval of the final sites chosen and copy used is HDC’s. Each guide should have at least two drafts to allow for feedback and revision by the Six to Celebrate group and HDC. 

Design/layout: Consultant(s) will also be responsible for designing each brochure using a standard template in InDesign or similar software, as well as providing palm cards with a digital link to the booklets. The consultant will also provide all information to be entered on HDC’s Six to Celebrate website as well as the interactive Urban Archive platform. 

Qualifications for this project include a degree in architectural history, history, historic preservation, or related field, or equivalent work experience. Strong written skills and experience documenting and describing historic buildings, sites, and neighborhoods is required. Basic knowledge of InDesign or similar design software is also necessary. Community engagement experience is a plus. Consultants are welcome to apply as a team if they cannot do all pieces of the guidebooks alone. Or consultants can apply for one piece of the project (either research/writing OR layout). 

Past examples of Six to Celebrate guidebooks can be seen here: 


Interested parties should email [email protected] (subject line: Six to Celebrate guidebooks RFP) with qualifications, including CV or resume, and a short proposal detailing their proposed timeline and fee structure for the project. 

Deadline for consideration is January 15, 2024.