Victorian Flatbush

Brooklyn , NY

Today, Victorian Flatbush is comprised of 11 neighborhoods that were all developed with the suburban country aesthetic as inspiration, which is still evident in the layout of the streetscapes with their yards, freestanding homes, and in some places planted street medians. Due to the neighborhoods’ common attributes and shared sense of place, local residents and advocates are keen to “complete the quilt” of historic district designation and include Caton Park, Beverley Square West, Beverley Square East, Ditmas Park West, West Midwood and South Midwood.

The area’s five historic districts are Albemarle-Kenmore Terraces, Prospect Park South, Ditmas Park, Midwood Park and Fiske Terrace.

Albemarle-Kenmore Terraces Historic District – Designated July 11, 1978

Prospect Park South Historic District – Designated February 8, 1979

Ditmas Park Historic District – Designated July 28, 1981

Fiske Terrace-Midwood Park Historic District – Designated March 18, 2008

Victorian Flatbush was named a Six to Celebrate neighborhood in 2012

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