Bowne House Restoration Moving Ahead

From the Queens Tribune By JULIET WERNER Plans for the restoration of Bowne House and the construction of an adjoining visitor center were announced last Friday morning. Restoration began in 2000 but was put on hold when funding ran out. In the years since, the Bowne House Historical Society has raised $2.1 million, $700,000 from […]

Neighbors Protest Monster House

Mel Siegel, President of the Broadway-Flushing Homeonwers Association and Teresa Meninos, member, outside the construction of John Hsu’s home in Murray Hill, Queens.(Photo by RJ Mickelson) ‘McMansions’ pit neighbors vs. dream homesBy Magdalene PerezSpecial to amNewYork July 17, 2007When John Hsu broke ground on his dream home in his suburban Queens neighborhood last December, he […]

Midwood Park & Fiske Terrace Hearing Scheduled

From Flatbush Life 06/14/2007A landmark day for two – Nabes move closer to special historic designationBy Helen Klein Residents of the two neighborhoods, part of Victorian Flatbush, received letters earlier this month from the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), announcing that a hearing on the designation of the two adjoining communities as a landmark district would […]

Arborcide at Flushing's only residential landmark

Protesters’ arbor grudge; Homeowner ripped for destroying trees BY DONALD BERTRANDDAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Wednesday, May 9th 2007, 4:00 AM A man’s home is his castle, and so, too, are his trees – even if his home is landmarked. About a dozen Flushing community leaders met in front of the city-landmarked Fitzgerald-Ginsberg Mansion last week […]

Roundup on Landmarks Issues

Posted on Queens Crap (to which we’re incredbily thankful for their eagle eye and patience in monitoring the flood that is Thursday’s local media coverage) Landmarking: Pro & Con From Queens Courier:Many questions — no answers (about the Broadway-Flushing landmark bid) A response from Councilman Avella: Clarifying the Constitution Letter to the Times Ledger: Why […]

More Anti-Preservation Rants in Queens

From the Queens Gazette – it’s important to hear the myths & mis-truths, however painful, that are being promulgated – so that we can fight back against them better. Unconstitutional To The Editor: Imagine a group of strangers so infatuated with your home that they demand you not change the color of your door or […]

Historic Grove Endangered by Parks' Subcontractors

From the Queens Chronicle Historic Grove Threatened By Contractorby Colin Gustafson, Assistant Editor03/15/2007 Flushing residents fighting to preserve a historic grove of rare trees in Kissena Park are furious over what they call a private landscaper’s “reckless disregard” in allowing heavy-duty trucks near the endangered arboreal specimens. After receiving guarantees that no trucks would come […]

Flushing Downzoned

From the Queens Courier: City Council downzones sections of Flushing BY CHRISTINA SANTUCCIThursday, March 8, 2007 2:46 PM CST The City Council voted unanimously to downzone sections of Queensboro Hill, Cedar Grove, Flushing-on-the-Hill, and Kissena Heights at its meeting on Wednesday, February 28. The approval went into effect immediately for the area, which is generally […]