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Preservation School: Spring 2019

The Historic Districts Council is pleased to present a series of classes that will teach you how to observe, understand, and advocate for New York’s historic neighborhoods.

First, learn how to read the buildings you walk by every day with classes on the architectural styles and building materials common to New York City’s historic architecture.  Then, learn to document these buildings and make your case to save the neighborhood.

These four 60-minute sessions will begin at 6:00PM

at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 East 11th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

Classes are $15 each or $50 for all four.


Monday, April 29Architectural Styles of New York City

New York City offers a dazzling array of historic architectural styles, ranging from the early Federal style to the late Colonial Revival style, among others. This class will delve into the origins and iterations of these styles, with a particular focus on row house architecture. In addition, it will explore the hallmarks, or character-defining features, of each style, enabling the casual observer to recognize a particular style or styles, as manifested in individual building designs. Among the styles to be covered are the Federal, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Anglo-Italianate, Second Empire, neo-Grec, Queen Anne, Renaissance Revival, Romanesque Revival, Beaux Arts, and Colonial Revival.

This class will be led by Gregory Dietrich of Gregory Dietrich Preservation Consulting.

Monday, May 6:      Historic Building Materials

This session will provide an overview of common building materials used in New York City, including terra-cotta, brick, brownstone, concrete and much more. The session will explain how these materials are employed, how to identify them, and “scratch the surface” on their maintenance and conservation.

This class will be led by Dan Allen, President of the Historic Districts Council and Principal of CTA Architects.

Monday, May 13
:     Photographing for Preservation

Historic Preservation is first and foremost a visual field. This session will cover architectural photography, providing tips and tricks to improve your photos of buildings and streetscapes to maximize their impact.  Expensive equipment doesn’t make a great photo; you’ll learn how to effectively make use of three free things, light, timing, and position, to improve your photos.

This class will be led by Lynn Massimo, an architectural photographer and co-founder of the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee. 

Monday, May 20
:          Stirring the Pot: Keeping an Eye on New Construction

New York has seemingly become one massive construction site – but what are they planning for YOUR block?  Don’t wait for the scaffolding to find out!  Join us to better learn and understand what is possible, and make sure that new neighbor is a smart development that plays by the rules.  You will learn how to research developments going up in your neighborhood, understand restrictions such as zoning, and learn what tools you can use to make your voice heard.

This class will be led by Sean Khorsandi, Executive Director of LANDMARK WEST!



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