Secret Lives Tour- Hendrick I. Lott House

The Historic Districts Council is being granted exclusive access to the Lott House built in 1720/1800

Lott House

September 10, 2016

1940 East 36th Street, Brooklyn


The Historic Districts Council is being granted exclusive access to the Hendrick I. Lott House. The Lott House is currently being restored and is not open to the public. This vernacular Dutch American Farmhouse was built in 1720/1800 and remained in the family until New York City purchased it in 2000, making it the longest continual ownership by a single family in NYC. The interior craftsmanship is a result of Hendrick Lott’s carpentry skills. Unfortunately the interior has yet to be restored and is currently in a state of ‘preserved ruin’. HDC Board Director and President of Chrysalis Archaeology Consultants, Alyssa Loorya will guide us around the house and explain what work has been completed and what the future plans are. Restoration of the Lott House is a joint effort of the City of New York/Parks & Recreation, Historic House Trust of New York City, Marine Park Civic Association, and Hendrick I. Lott House Preservation Association.

The tour will begin at the Kings Highway B,Q subway station where HDC will provide transportation to the Lott House.

*Note – the house isn’t wheelchair accessible at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience

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