Secret Lives Tours

New York is home to many of the best-known architectural treasures of the modern world. The Historic Districts Council’s Secret Lives tours provide rare access to these hidden gems.

A Different Kind of Tour

Secret Lives tours offer entry and insight to structures, gardens, sacred spaces, courtyards, stages, and rooftops, providing experiences that even lifelong New Yorkers have never enjoyed. The product of nearly five decades of connections and collaborations with more than 500 neighborhood groups, these tours unlock New York history and culture in an engaging excursion.

What to Expect

Tours reveal either unknown aspects of well-known places or access to architecturally significant, but lesser known locations.

The Historic Districts Council collaborates with local experts, architects, preservationists and docents deeply familiar with the featured location. These guides discuss the history, context and importance of the structure as well as the personalities involved.

Tour run times are 90 minutes to two hours. Prices range from $50 -$125 per person, with discounts offered for seniors, students, and Friends of HDC. Meeting locations are emailed upon receipt of paid reservation, and we limit the number attendees to assure a memorable experience.

Prior tours include:



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