Bronx Landmarks:Grand Concourse

Grand Concourse

The Grand Boulevard and Concourse in the Bronx has a history as one of New York’s most dazzling, stylish thoroughfares. Opened to traffic on November 25, 1909, the Grand Concourse was at the center of the economic and population boom that transformed the borough in the following half-century.

The Grand Concourse was the concept of Alsace-Lorraine immigrant and civil engineer Louis Risse. Inspired by the celebrated boulevards of Paris, Risse designed the Grand Concourse as a four-mile long thoroughfare divided into three roadways by tree-lined dividers. Its broad sidewalks allowed for a lively street scene. Today, the Grand Concourse is lined with an incomparable concentration of Art Deco and Art Moderne apartment buildings. Much of their elegance has begun to fade, but the neighborhood’s proud history is evident. The majority of the structures in the proposed district were built between 1916 and 1941 in styles ranging from neo-Renaissance to the neighborhood’s renowned Art Deco. While the buildings represent a variety of styles, the apartment houses are closely related in materials, scale and use of ornamentation. Designated October 2011

Grand Concourse & McClellan Street, view looking north.


Title: Grand Concourse & McClellan Street

Historic District: Albemarle Kenmore Terrace

Keywords: Residential, apartment building, art deco, brick

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