Deserving but not Designated: Crown Heights North

Crown Heights’ architecture is incredibly intact, displaying an astonishing variety of brownstones, row houses, wood frame structures, free-standing mansions, as well as first-class educational and religious institutions. Homes from the mid-19th century lead to the bravura mansions of a later generation which were then succeeded by some of the most lovely and detailed rowhouses in Brooklyn. Many extraordinary and rightly-renowned architects, including Henry Ives Cobb, Montrose Morris, J.C. Cady, George C. Chapell and Russell Sturgis designed an array of buildings for the neighborhood. Homes range in style from early Italianate to Romanesque Revival, feature a wide mix of designs and treatments and make for a district that is both visually stimulating and rich with history. Even the elevator apartments which replaced some of the mansions were designed by notable architects in the Tudor Revival, Mediterranean and Art Deco styles. This is truly a neighborhood of architectural elegance and excellence.

The Historic Districts Council has been an ardent supporter of the designation of Crown Heights North for many years. In 2004, HDC began working with the Crown Heights North Association, a dedicated group formed to advocate for landmarking of the community. HDC was pleased to help organize community forums and meetings where local citizens could hear more about the designation process, and was intensely gratified to see that the response was overwhelming, with more than 250 people in attendance at the first community forum. A section of Crown Heights North was designated in 2007 and there was a an extension designated in 2011.

The proposed Crown Heights North III Historic District was heard at LPC Public Hearing on January 17, 2012, and was designated on March 24, 2015. HDC and the CHNA will begin pushing for the fourth phase of designation. It is incredibly important that we preserve the whole neighborhood and individual buildings from demolition and inappropriate alteration so that they can continue to bring life and enjoyment to the many individuals who make their homes and businesses here.

In 2015 HDC chose Crown Heights North as one of the Six to Celebrate neighborhoods.
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