Manhattan Landmarks-East 17th Street/Irving Place

East 17th Street/Irving Place

This district includes single-family, Greek Revival row houses built in the 1840’s in brick with brownstone details and Italianate brownstones from the 1850’s. In 1890-91, the Fanwood Apartments was built in a mixture of the Romanesque and Renaissance Revival styles. The last building constructed in the district is the Irving, a Renaissance Revival flats building from 1901-02. Contrary to myth, Washington Irving never lived in any of these buildings, although Elsie DeWolfe did have a salon in one where Oscar Wilde was a habituate. Designated June 30, 1998.

Title: Southwest Corner of East 17th Street and Irving Place 6

Borough: Manhattan

Historic District: East 17th Street/Irving Place

Keywords: Brick, Washington Irving House, window, stoop

Description: View from the intersection of East 17th Street and Irving Place of the Washington Irving House

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