Manhattan Landmarks-Ellis Island

Ellis Island

The Ellis Island historic district was where from 1892 to 1954 over twelve million immigrants entered the United States. The island which is now twenty-seven-and-a-half-acre was built between the 1890s and 1930s, and is mostly man made. It contains  some thirty interconnected structures, mostly in the Beaux-Arts classic style, the buildings were built as immigration facilities. The main building was linked to a kitchen and laundry building, a powerhouse, a baggage and dormitory building, all on what is now called Island No. 1. The hospital buildings, facing the main building across the ferry slip is on  Island No. 2, were built between1901 and 1909. The new station opened on December 17, 1900, and on that day processed 2,251 immigrants. Designated: November 16, 1993

Main Hall Ellis Isle

Title: Manhattan-Ellis Island-Main Hall Ellis Isle

Borough: Manhattan

Historic District: Ellis Island

Keywords: Beaux-Arts, brick, island

Description: View of the main hall across the water

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