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Fieldston is made up of approximately 257 houses and related structures. Albert Wheeler, an engineer is responsible for the layout Fieldston. Wheeler’s plan, finalized in 1914, was based on recommendations made by Frederick Law Olmsted and James R.Croes who had surveyed the area in 1876. The neighborhood incorporated the natural  topography of winding roads, and wooded knolls instead of plowing through them. The neighborhood was developed mainly in the first half of the 20th century, in a variety of architectural styles including the Medieval, English Tudor, Mediterranean, Dutch, and Georgian Colonial,as well as formal modernist houses. Designated January 10, 2006

4684 Grosvenor AvenueTitle: 4684 Grosvenor Avenue

Borough: The Bronx

Historic District: Fieldston

Keywords: residential, balcony, round-arch window

Image: courtesy of LPC

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