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Fort Totten

Fort Totten includes over 100 buildings and smaller secondary structures built between the 1830s and the 1960s. The fort, originally called the Fort at Willets Point, was established in 1857 as a major component in the defense system of New York Harbor. The major period of improvement and expansion for the fort occurred in 1885-1914, resulting in much of the historic character that exists today. The fort remained in miliatay hands until the the 1970’s when most of the land was turned over to the City of New York and is now operated under the jurisdiction of the Fire Department, the Parks Department, and the Historic House Trust. Designated in June 29, 1999

fort totten22

Title: Fort Totten 22

Borough: Queens

Historic District: Fort Totten

Keywords: coast guard, red brick, stone basement

Description: Coast Guard For Totten station builsing

Designation Report

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