Bowne Street Community Church, Queens

Bowne Street Community Church

Address:143-11 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing


LPC Action: Calendared for a Public Hearing in 2003, but never heard.
The Bowne Street Community Church was originally the Reformed Church of Flushing. The congregation grew so rapidly that it out grew its first building. The congregation borrowed money from the Collegiate Church in Manhattan and began construction on the present building which was completed in 1892. The architecture of this new church was stunning. It is a Romanesque Revival with a red brick edifice, with arches topping each of the windows and intricate brickwork and terra cotta tile details. The church is adorned with Tiffany stained glass windows. Agnes Fairchild Northrupby a life-long congregation member and long time Tiffany artist designed the windows for the church. The windows were made by the Louis Tiffany Glass Company of Corona. In 1851, a number of persons withdrew their membership and joined with others in forming the first Congregational Church of Flushing. The Congregational Church was located just across Bowne Street. In 1974, one hundred and twenty three years after they split, the two congregations merged back together and formed The Bowne Street Community Church associated with both the United Church of Christ and the Reformed Church in America.