Coney Island Pumping Station, Brooklyn

Coney Island Pumping Station_1
Address: 2301 Neptune Avenue

Architect:  Irwin S. Chanin

Constructed: 1938

LPC Action: Calendared 1980; Public Hearing in 1980

Irwin S. Chanin is probably best known for impressive landmarks like the Century and Majestic apartment buildings on Central Park West.  In Coney Island, Chanin was able to bring the elegant Art Moderene style to a utilitarian structure.  The elliptically shaped fire pumping station is faced in limestone over a granite base and features prismatic glass windows with steel surrounds.  Now sadly left abandoned in an overgrown lot, the building once proudly stood in the center of a large grassy plot with symmetrical plantings. Three wide, cement walks still lead up to the pump house from the streets, but the paired statues of horses, symbols of Neptune, have been removed to the Brooklyn Museum of Art.