Lady Moody-Van Sicklen House, Brooklyn

Lady Moody's House

Address: 27 Gravesend Neck Road, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Built:  c.1760-1810

LPC Action: Calendared 1966; Public Hearings 1970, 2004
On ground that was originally part of the northwest square of Gravensande there stands an ancient house built partly of rough stone. It is forty-two feet long and thirty-one feet wide. Within, it has heavy oak beams twelve by fourteen inches, wide fireplaces and a narrow flight of steps that climb against its north wall. The house belonged to John Van Sicklen. Although The land where the current house stands was listed as Lady Deborah Moody’s house in the 1890’s by a realtor. This information is believed to be incorrect, for there no proof that the house once belonged to Lady moody; but her name now remains attached to the house.

Lady Deborah Moody, an English expatriate who helped develop Gravesend and was one of the first women to be charted her own land. The land, the house, and the story around are all very much a part of Gravesend’s history.