St. Barbaras RC Church, Brooklyn

St. Barbaras RC Church- edit

Address: Central Avenue at Bleecker Street

Architect: Helme & Huberty

Constructed: 1907-1910

LPC Action: Calendared 1980; Public Hearing in 1980


The church is said to be named for Barbara Epping, the wife of local brewer Leopold Epping. The church was designed in the Spanish Baroque style. The elaborate exterior includes a beautiful dome. Noted for its 175-foot high cream-colored spires – which the American Institute of Architects guide to New York has described as “wedding-cake icing: edible”.  Inside, the church interior is filled with statuary, carvings, frescoes and more than 25 stained glass windows.  The church was built to serve German immigrants, many of whom worked in the breweries in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. Over the years, the congregation has evolved to serve Italians and now Latin Americans.