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Explore the City with Urban Archive Story Maps, Curated by HDC!

One of the most important lessons of recent times has been the widespread awakening to the ubiquity of different life experiences and world perceptions. The same street can be viewed a multitude of ways depending on who is looking down it and one building can have a multitude of meanings based on different associations. As preservationists and passionate New Yorkers, it’s critical that we attempt to see our city from as many angles as possible. Think of the many ways to experience Ellis Island—as a place of salvation, or a place of isolation. As a gateway to a potential new life or as a locked gate.

Landmarks come in all shapes and sizes—sometimes they’re even hidden in plain sight. This isn’t a new observation but it remains an important one. As part of our efforts to explore New York’s different pathways, HDC is working with Urban Archive to bring you story maps of historic sites citywide associated with several cultural and immigrant groups. Come explore the first of these storylines with us by following the links below or use the Urban Archive app!

Black Lives Matter

Ella Fitzgerald

LGBTQ History

Alice Austen House

Women’s History

Edith Wharton

Latino/a History

Casa Latina Music Shop

Jewish History

Forward Building

German History

Ottendorfer Library

We will be adding to these stories and creating new ones in the future.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.