LPC Backlog 95 Decisions: Feb 23!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Back Log PM- 2.5.2016

Decisions on the 95 backlog items will be made on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 at the Landmarks Preservation Commission (One Centre Street, 9th Floor).

Plan to attend and help HDC fill the room to show support for these potential NYC Landmarks. 

This public meeting is the culmination of last fall’s special public hearings, at which HDC testified on nearly every item in every borough. These special Landmarks Under Consideration were one of HDC’s Six to Celebrate in 2015. Please refresh your memory and browse HDC’s extensive archive of these properties with our statements here.

The February 23 public meeting will run as follows:

  1. The LPC Research Department will present backlog items with their recommendations to the Commissioners. Recommendations are based on LPC research files on these properties, as well as nearly 12 hours of verbal testimony from more than 300 speakers and thousands of pages of additional written testimony submitted by the public. These recommendations are the framework by which the Commissioners will cast their votes.
  2. Commissioners will discuss backlog properties after Research Staff presents recommendations.
  3. Commissioners will decide whether to:

(a) prioritize properties for designation;

(b) remove non-priority properties from the calendar by taking No Action. No Action is an administrative process that allows an item to be taken off the calendar without judgment on the merits, and allows it to be reconsidered for designation without prejudice in the future; or

(c) remove properties from the calendar by voting to not designate based on merit.

What we don’t know: 

At this moment, HDC is unaware if each property will be heard individually, or if the properties will be heard in groups, similar to the special public hearings. HDC will update you as soon as possible.

**A schedule of all Backlog 95 properties will be available on Feb. 19 here.**