Preservation Groups Oppose Top Down Centralized Planning

On Tuesday, February 23rd, the City Council will be holding a public hearing on Intro 2186, which proposes a requirement for the City of New York to undertake periodic comprehensive planning for all areas of the city and details a completely new process for the city to accomplish this new task. The new comprehensive plan […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month

Ada Louise Huxtable Ada Louise Huxtable (1921-2013), a native New Yorker, was a pioneer in architectural criticism, and a champion of livable cities. As the first full-time architecture critic at a major American Newspaper (The New York Times created the position specifically for her in 1963), she won the first Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism […]

City Council Intro 1146-B (“the Sprinkler Bill”)

The Historic Districts Council is the citywide advocate for New York’s historic buildings and neighborhoods. HDC is commenting on the proposed bill, Int. 1146-B (called “the Sprinkler Bill”) as the vast majority of properties that this bill will affect lie within New York City’s historic neighborhoods The NYC Department of Buildings estimates that this bill, […]

Angel Guardian Home Designated, but Mercy (Convent) Building to be Demolished by Developer

The main building (left) was designated, but the Mercy building (right) was carved out of the landmark boundary. The 12th Avenue buildings of the Angel Guardian Home were designated this week, while the equally exquisite Mercy Building on 63rd Street was left out of the landmark site. The developer has publicly stated that this building will soon be […]

East 25th Street in Brooklyn to be heard by LPC!

This year, HDC selected East Flatbush as one of our Six to Celebrate neighborhoods, with a special emphasis on the block of East 25th Street (between Clarendon Road and Avenue D). We are proud to work with this special block from the first phone call to our office to its LPC public hearing next week. […]

Bay Ridge Parkway – Doctors’ Row Historic District

Request for Evaluation: Bay Ridge Parkway Statement of Significance  Bay Ridge Parkway, known as “Doctors’ Row,” serves as an unofficial gateway to Bay Ridge, as it is a major thoroughfare within the neighborhood. The proposed historic district includes a total of 53 properties located between 4th and 5th Avenues in Brooklyn. The 400 block of […]

A Brief-ish History of Tin Pan Alley

Designated: December 10, 2019 On March 12, 2019 the Landmarks Preservation Commission Calendared five buildings on Tin Pan Alley, 47, 49, 51, 53 and 55 West 28th Street between Broadway and Sixth Ave. Since the news story about the threat to Tin Pan Alley broke, the world’s attention has been captured by the area. Unfortunately, […]

Victory at NYPL: Vive les Beaux Arts!

NYPL’s Changes Reflect HDC Testimony The Historic Districts Council (HDC) reviews every public proposal affecting New York City’s landmarks and historic districts and provides testimony to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) whenever it is needed. “…regally enthroned on a terrace plateau, displaying urns, fountains, flagpoles, sculpture and ornament…this building comes closer than any other in […]

HDC Supports Bay Ridge 76th Street 600 Block Historic District

Residents of the 600 block of 76th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn completed a Request for Evaluation, conducted extensive research, and provided beautiful photographs of 76th Street  displaying this block’s sense of place to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). Read our letter of support below: February 14, 2019 Kate Lemos McHale, Director of Research NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission One […]

Crown Heights North Threatened

Demolition permits have been applied, but not yet issued, for 669 St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights North. A “boutique condo” development may take its place, and, as a part of a zoning lot merger, its neighbor at number 673 is also endangered. Both historic structures were designed by architect E. G. W. Dietrich in […]