Certificate of Appropriateness Testimony

[email protected] Testimony for April 18th, 2023

Certificate of Appropriateness Testimony
64 South Portland Avenue – Fort Greene Historic District
An early-Italianate style house built c. 1852. Application is to replace windows.
Our preference for this front facade is an all-wood double-hung window, as existing.
Action: Unanimously Approved

1040 Grand Concourse – Bronx Museum of the Arts – Grand Concourse Historic District
A museum, originally built as a synagogue and community hall designed by Simon B. Zelnick and built in 1961, and later altered and expanded by Castro-Blanco, Piscioneri & Associates in 1988. Application is to demolish, alter and redesign portions of the building and site.
Architect: Marvel
HDC understands the need to create a new entrance pavilion and does not object to a new building in this location. We understand that the proposed roofline is supposed to relate to the museum’s 2006 north wing facade, but find this relationship to be insufficiently clear, especially from a street-level perspective. We feel that the roofline should be more dynamic and relate more clearly to the 2006 addition and to the immediately adjacent Executive Towers.
Action: No Action

178 Spring Street – Sullivan-Thompson Historic District
An Italianate style tenement building built c. 1854 and altered between c. 1940-1964. Application is to modify the base of the building, install storefronts, modify a fire escape, and construct a rooftop bulkhead.
Architect: TWA
HDC finds this proposal to be largely appropriate, however, we feel the glass railing at the roof will be too reflective and should be designed using some other less reflective material.
Action: Unanimously approved with modification that the glass rail either be set back or changed to a simple metal material.

44 Union Square East – Tammany Hall – Individual Landmark
A neo-Georgian style building designed by Thompson, Holmes & Converse and Charles B. Meyers, and built in 1928-29. Application is to install LED signage at the interior.
Though HDC finds the proposed interior LED signage appropriate, we object to the proposed internally illuminated channel letter Petco signage on the building’s front facade, which we feel should be pin mounted instead.
Action: No action

1649 Amsterdam Avenue – Hamilton Heights Historic District
A Beaux Arts style apartment building designed by George F. Pelham and built in 1901. Application is to construct rooftop bulkheads, alter and replace storefronts, and install a ramp.
Architect: Martina Bacarella
HDC finds the proposed stair bulkheads to be appropriate, but we believe they should be clad in brick to match the existing elevator bulkhead at the center of the building. This simple change of materials will allow for the new stair bulkheads to appear original to the building.
Action: Unanimously approved with modification to work with staff on location of the bulkheads and the details of the infill

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