Certificate of Appropriateness Testimony

[email protected] Testimony for December 13, 2022

Certificate of Appropriateness Testimony

43 Barrow Street – Greenwich Village Historic District
A Federal style rowhouse built in 1828. Application is to construct a rooftop addition, alter the facade and excavate the cellar.
Architect: SUK Design Group
The proposal for 43 Barrow street contains a number of elements that are inappropriate and need to be redesigned and properly detailed.

The rooftop addition is highly visible from 7th avenue and therefore needs to be more carefully designed. The exposed gable-end of the roof should be contained within a brick Dutch gable-end wall with rebuilt brick chimneys incorporated into the form . The bent-metal chimney flues and extended chimney flues are all inappropriate. Extending the existing brick chimneys up to clear the roof height and having terra cotta flues pipes extend one to two feet above the brick chimney cap would solve the technical problem while resolving the awkward side walls. This solution will also create a far more technically viable flashing condition for the roof.

The rear façades corbeled cornice should be maintained and the rooftop extensions railing should be just steel and set back from the rear façade. The extended parapet conditions shown in the presentation are inappropriate and need to be resolved in another way.

 We were not able to determine what the current window lintel condition is on the rear façade and therefore do not know if the proposed elevation detailing is appropriate.

We ask the commission to require this applicant to further study their proposal and seek a more respectful, contextual and appropriate solution.

Action: No action, restudy

1140 Broadway – Madison Square North Historic District
A neo-Classical style store and loft building designed by Maynicke & Franke and built in 1914-15. Application is to alter the entrance surround and replace infill, and install a marquee
Architect: Montroy DeMarco
We applaud this excellent application, and find the proposed infill to be an improvement over the existing.
Action:  Unanimously approved with recommendation that the applicant continue to work with staff to see if there is more granite to expose, and to study the size of lettering on the marquee.

514 West End Avenue – Riverside – West End Historic District Extension I
A Renaissance Revival style apartment building designed by Gaetan Ajello and built in 1923- 24. Application is to install through-wall HVAC louvers.
Architect: KDA
We appreciate that this proposal is for a high floor, and visibility would be limited, but we feel the proposed placement of HVAC units sets an inappropriate precedent that might be followed on lower, more visible floors. We feel the appropriate solution is to locate the through-the-wall units on secondary and tertiary facades and to center them under windows.
Action: Unanimously approved with modification that the unit is on the side facade.

829 Madison Avenue – Upper East Side Historic District
An altered Queen Anne style residence designed by Buek & Co. and built in 1885-86. Application is to alter the façade, install storefront infill, and replace roofing.
Architect: Beyer Belinder Belle
This proposal, while generally appropriate, could benefit from additional study. The applicant could explore a heavier cornice on the addition, and consider greater articulation of the masonry and pilasters to make the addition more in keeping with the Queen Anne style. Additionally, we find the precedent image of 740 Madison Avenue to be useful for further study.
Action: No action

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