Victorian Flatbush, Brooklyn


Victorian Flatbush


Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Victorian Flatbush is known for being the largest concentration of Victorian-era homes in the country. The area presently has five New York City Historic Districts, but the blocks in between them remain undesignated and unprotected despite architecture of the same vintage and style.  Six local groups representing Beverly Square East, Beverly Square West, Caton Park, Ditmas Park West, South Midwood and West Midwood have joined together with the Flatbush Development Corporationto “complete the quilt” of city designation of their neighborhoods.

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  1. I live in this area and it has been sickening watching a developer tear down a beautiful 110 yr house
    in Beverly Sq West and replace it with a cinder block structure which remains unfinished and abandoned for years now. All of Victorian Flatbush must be saved and protected for future generations. Please grant landmark status now!

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