Admiral's Row Mobile, courtesy of Curbed

Blatantly and completely mirrored from Curbed, because sometimes you can’t improve on brillance:Thursday, December 6, 2007, by Robert
[Photo via Brit in Brooklyn]

There’s a meeting coming up next week in Brooklyn about the “proposed disposal” of the buildings on the Brooklyn Navy Yard property alternately called Admiral’s Row or Officer’s Row. We know this because someone has been driving around Brooklyn in a beat up car with a big sign about that meeting that says “Mayor Moo Moo, you dolt! Landmark Admiral’s Row!” on one side. The other side substitutes “Maroon” for “Dolt.” The sign is the work of Brooklyn’s Other Museum of Brooklyn, which is pushing to preserve the buildings. The historic buildings are up for “proposed disposal” so the land can be used for a parking lot for a supermarket.

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