ALERT: Help Save #70 Lefferts Place

From David Conrad, Lefferts Place Civic Association, [email protected] :

Thanks so much for your help in writing or petitioning the Landmarks Preservation Commission about #70 Lefferts Place. Due to all the letters and petitions they’ve received, the commission is currently doing an in-depth study of the house before deciding whether to begin the landmarking process.
We’re very much hoping to hear their decision any day now, but #70 remains in immediate danger of being torn down, and as soon as the owner/developer gets a demolition permit, the LPC can no longer prevent him from going ahead, and #70 is lost forever.

We’ve recently become aware of another historic house, 1375 Dean St. in Crown Heights, which is very close to being fast-tracked to landmark status due to immediate danger of demolition, even though the house will soon be protected by the new Crown Heights North Historic District. We want the LPC to apply this same urgency to #70 Lefferts, which is also in danger of being destroyed before it gets a chance at protection under the normal landmark district process.

If you want to help us lean on the LPC to act quickly on protecting #70 while it’s still standing, please send a letter or email to Chairman Robert Tierney at the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and CC to City
Council Member Letitia James. Also, please send us a copy at [email protected] . For address info and a sample letter, see below. Many thanks again for your help, and we’ll keep you posted.

Hon. Robert Tierney, Chair, Landmarks Preservation Commission
One Centre Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10007
[email protected]

CC to City Council Member Letitia James
67 Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Tierney:

First of all, I want to thank you for your attention to the situation of #70 Lefferts Place, which remains in serious danger of being demolished and replaced by a 7-story condo block as per the announced intention of its owner. As you know, landmark status is the only certain way to protect this architectural and historical treasure, so your work on this is greatly appreciated by myself and all who hope to see #70 survive the wrecking ball.

I would also draw your attention to the case of #1375 Dean St. This transitional Greek-revival/Italianate house is currently under consideration by the LPC for expedited landmark status even though it is included in the proposed Crown Heights North Historic District, due to the fact that it is under serious and immediate threat of demolition. #70 Lefferts Place is comparable to #1375 Dean St. not only in its period, architectural style and uniqueness, but also in the fact that, unless it receives landmark status, it has little or no chance of surviving long enough to be protected by a future landmark district, to which it would be a strong and significant asset.
I strongly urge you to take this fact into consideration and apply the same expertise and judgement as you continue to review the case of #70 Lefferts Place.


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