An Endangered Buildings Act?

From the Brooklyn Eagle (which has a very strict policy about cross-posting so I’ll excerpt):

Brooklyn Broadside: Landmarks Needs Special Unit To Deal With Industrial Sites
by Dennis Holt ([email protected]), published online 06-19-2007

BROOKLYN — There is an Endangered Species Act which, fortunately, has the force of law. There is also an Endangered Places declaration that, unfortunately, does not.
The City Landmarks Law aims to protect structures that could become endangered in our city, and this process has worked fairly well. However, in recent years, sparse budgets and a heavy workload has made landmarking more dicey.
Perhaps a special section can be created within the Landmarks Preservation Commission devoted solely to industrial retention. Most of the examples of potentially worthy industrial artifacts are known and identified. And development interests are known or can be predicted.
Logically, there are no reasons why people have to find themselves rushing around at the last minute trying to save something or to make a deal that might not be the best one.

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