Carroll Gardens Residents Want Over Development Stopped NOW

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

‘Stop the Clock’ On Development, Say Carroll Gardens Residents
by Phoebe Neidl ([email protected]), published online 08-24-2007

Approximately 150 people gathered at a town hall meeting in Carroll Gardens last week to strategize on ways to shape the future of the neighborhood — a concern given some urgency by the 70-foot development planned at 360 Smith Street, the still undecided plan for Public Place, and the fate of a sizable lot at 290 Sackett St.
Both historic landmark designation and a rezoning of the neighborhood by City Planning could help calm what some deem as “overdevelopment” in the typically low-rise, brownstone neighborhood.
City Council Member Bill de Blasio, who hosted the meeting, confirmed that City Planning has committed to doing a study on downzoning Carroll Gardens. But the conclusion of such a process would likely take around one year — 364 days too late for some.
So, a few inventive members of the community are calling for a temporary moratorium on buildings over 50 feet. The measure was proposed by Rita Miller of the Carroll Gardens Organization to Respectfully Develop (CORD).
“We’re hoping to appeal to [City Planning’s] common sense,” said Miller, adding that she’s collected 2,000 signatures on a petition supporting the moratorium.
However, the feasibility of such a measure is unclear. Department of City Planning director Amanda Burden replied to Miller that any moratorium, “temporary or permanent,” would have to go through the same process as a rezoning.

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